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Comparison of Moxee and Arcadia Levels

Two Quality Levels: Arcadia and Moxee

Arcadia All Wood Cabinetry

Our Arcadia Series combines the finest in panel materials, drawers & glides and doors & finishes for a supreme quality experience

Moxee Melamine Cabinetry

Our Moxee Series offers superior value, using upgraded materials and features not typically found in lower price point cabinetry


Arcadia Specifications

Our Arcadia Product series features the best in cabinetry. We start by using all plywood construction, with beautiful finishes protected by a UV topcoat. We add high end dovetail drawers with soft closing glides, and we complete the cabinet with premium, wood doors with easy adjusting, soft closing hinges. Typically bundled with Shaker, Windsor and Hartford door styles.

Moxee Specifications

Our Moxee cabinet series represents excellent quality at a lower price point. The melamine box is tough and durable, with surfaces that will not absorb water. Drawers are made from plywood or wood and are paired with full extensions ball bearing glides at no extra charge. Typically bundled with Katella, Virginia and Capistrano door styles

Side by Side Comparison



Product Level

Core Material

Panels and Shelves



Arcadia Luxury

All Plywood

1/2" and 3/4"

UV Coated Veneer

4 sided dado

Arcadia Premium

Particle Board

1/2" and 3/4"



Comments The Luxury level cabinet features all plywood construction, which is stronger, lighter, easier to cut, resists swelling, can handle 30% more weight and is harder to damage in shipping, installation and use. Both UV and melamine surfaces are tough and durable, but plywood ends match wood doors better.

Drawer Boxes

Product Level


Slide Material

Bottom Material

Arcadia Luxury

Dovetailed and Glued

Finger joint natural birch

3/8" plywood

Arcadia Premium

Doweled and Glued

1/2" plywood or wood

1/4" plywood

Comments The Luxury series features dovetail drawers, widely recognized as the best joinery method for drawer durability. The thicker bottom easily handles heavier loads, and the natural birch finish material is beatiful.


Product Level

Glide System

Arcadia Luxury

Undermount, soft close, full extension, concealed

Arcadia Premium

Side mount, steel ball bearing, full extension

Comments While ball bearing glides are an excellent glide and a step up from economy glides, the Luxury series glide system brings convenience to your most used kitchen component. The glides open completely and catch slammed drawers softly before closing.


Product Level

Frame Style

Drawer Dividers


Arcadia Luxury

Full Access (no dividers)


Full (<1/4" reveal)

Arcadia Premium

Full Access (no dividers)


Full (<1/4" reveal)

Comments Faceframes provide stability and prevent panels from sagging. Because we have made our drawer fronts a little taller, we avoid dividers, so you can put bigger items into your drawers and not catch them when opening a drawer.


Product Level

Door Outer Frame

Door Center Thickness

Door Hinges

Arcadia Luxury

2.5"-3" Birch

3/8" - 9/16"

Soft Close w/3 cams

Arcadia Premium

2-1/4" wood or MDF

5mm MDF core

Spring Close, 1 cam

Comments Our Luxury series represents the best materials and construction in cabinetry, designed to bring both beauty and durability to your home. The wider profiles and thicker center panels provide long lasting beauty for your home and the soft close hinges gently catch and quietly close.

Warranty Period

Arcadia Luxury

10 years

Arcadia Premium

5 years

Comments You can expect Arcadia cabinet to last for many years. And we back this up with a better, longer warranty (see for details).
Product Level Others Economy Moxee Arcadia Comments
Does Arcadia Offer? No This is our starting specification for two of our lowest priced door styles This is our specification for Shaker and Raised Panel Doors  
Can I upgrade or downgrade?   You can upgrade the drawer and glide system, but not panels You can downgrade the drawer system and panels, but exposed sides stay plywood  


Core Material Particle Board Particle Board ALL PLYWOOD Stronger, lighter, easier to lift, resists swelling,can handle 30% more weight and is more harder to damage in shipping, installation and use
Typical Thickness Usually 3/8" 1/2" (12mm) 1/2" (12mm)  
Panel and Shelf Thickness Half Depth, often 1/2" Full Depth, 3/4" (18mm) Full Depth, 3/4" (18mm) More storage, less sag
Surface Paper/Print Melamine UV Coated Veneer Looks better, tough, can be touched up
Construction 2-3 sides are dado'd 4 sided dado plus TK 4 sided dado plus TK Strong and Durable


Side Material 3/8"-1/2" Particle Board 1/2" plywood Finger joint natural birch Looks fantastic, stronger joints
Bottom Material 3/16" MDF 1/4" plywood 3/8" plywood Won't sag under very heavy loads
Surface Paper/Print UV coat over veneer UV coat over veneer Tough to damage, water resistant
Joint Butt / Stapled / Glue Notched, Doweled and Glued Dovetail and Glued Widely recognized as best joinery method for durability
Depth/Extension 19" / Partial Extension 21" / Full Extension 21" / Full Extension  
Glide system Epoxy plastic rollers - rides rough Side mount ball bearing Undermount, soft close, clip on snap brackets Hidden from view, smooth running glide gently closes, prevents slamming, cannot attract debris, and handles 30% more weight

Doors & Frames

Frame Style 3" stile that hinders access Full Access (no dividers) Full Access (no dividers) Easy to store and access contents
Dividers between Drawers Yes, interferes with clearance Never Never Frees up vertical storage space
Door Overlay Partial, up to 1" of frame exposed Full (3/16-1/4" reveal) Full (3/16-1/4" reveal) Modern uniform appearance
Hinge Type Spring Close, No adjustment Spring Close, 1 Cam adjustment Soft Close, 3 cam adjustment Prevents slamming and aligns perfectly
Wood Door Frame 1-3/4"-2" material 2-1/4" Material 2-1/2 to 3" material, depending on style Stronger joints, better look, less warp
Center Panel Usually slab 5mm MDF core 9mm MDF on Shaker and and 13mm Solid Birch on Raised Panel Styles Look much better, stronger, almost no rattle, true high end cabinetry
Drawer Front Design 1 or 2 pass styling, slab drawer Varies Always 5 piece, larger height Looks better
Thermofoil Film 10mil Orangepeel 12mil Satin Smooth, Sharp Routing    
WARRANTY PERIOD 1-2 years is typical 5 Years 10 years Consumer Satisfaction and Assurance

Arcadia Cabinetry only uses the finest quality products and all our products and panels are Phase 2 Compliant with California Air Resource Board (CARB2)

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