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1. What is essential to know about Arcadia?

We assemble to order and deliver high quality cabinets within days. Most cabinet companies need 6-10 weeks.

2. How does the quality and price of Arcadia’s Premium series compare to other suppliers?

Our entry level products, which we call our Premium Series, are equivalent to medium grade cabinetry made by other companies. Arcadia doesn’t make economy grade cabinets like those found at the big box shops, but our price points are competitive.

3. How does the quality and price of Arcadia’s Luxury series compare to other suppliers?

Our Luxury series cabinets have features, material and construction similar to name brand, high end competitors but at a far lower price… often less than half the wholesale price.

4. How is it possible to sell high quality for lower prices?

We source a limited door selection on a global basis to enable bulk production, and keep our operations simple and overhead low.

5. Who does Arcadia Cabinetry sell to?

We sell only wholesale. Our customers include builders, developers, kitchen and bath dealers, remodeling professionals and specialists.

6. Does Arcadia design or install for customers?

For the Builder or Developer, we provide a turnkey service. We do takeoffs, designs, measures, install and service with experienced industry professionals.

For the remodeling general contractors, we do not provide these services, which are typically provided by dealers, designers and remodeling professionals.

7. What geographic area does Arcadia cover?

For Builders and Developers, our service area is Southern California. Outside Southern California, we will coordinate supply through our distributor partners.

8. Does Arcadia offer Ready To Assemble (RTA) products?

All of our products are assembled in our US factory and typically will arrange delivery. This ensures that we check the quality and finish before the product reaches our customers.

9. Is it possible to order special doors or finishes from Arcadia?

For large projects, we will source to customer specifications from our supplier network. These orders require longer lead times and deposits, and can be delivered directly to jobsites or assembled off-site, depending on the job conditions.

10. What are your wood cabinet doors made from and how are they finished?

Most of our wood cabinet doors are made from Birch frames. Birch is a very hard material that is difficult to dent, sands and finishes well and widely used in cabinetry throughout the world.

After the doors are made, the doors are either stained or painted, usually with multiple passes, and finally top coated with conversion varnish, a tough, durable, oven cured finish that holds up well in kitchen and bath usage.

11. What if I have a damaged part?

We deliver any requested replacement parts within days.

Arcadia Cabinetry only uses the finest quality products and all our products and panels are Phase 2 Compliant with California Air Resource Board (CARB2)

Engineered Right

Our products are excellent from the start. They're engineered right to work right, every time.

Designed in the USA

Our cabinets are designed and assembled by skilled, hardworking Americans.

Delivered in Days

Your time is important to us. Your cabinets will be delivered to your door in days, not weeks.

Professional Coordination

Your order will be coordinated by a professional project manager. You'll always be informed.





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