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Our Philosophy

Creating value

From the beginning,  Arcadia has set out to create real value for our customers.  Most competitors offer an “economy” product, which they sell at a low margin but then raise the price on everything else to make up for it.  So the product you really want becomes very expensive.   Not Arcadia.  Our premium product remains affordable, but contains features (like full extension drawers) that homeowners really want and like.  And our top end products bring the best in cabinetry at much more reasonable price points.

Fixing the replacement problem

One of the biggest disappointments customers experience with cabinets is the time it takes to get replacement cabinets and parts.   After waiting six to eight weeks to get your order, it’s not uncommon to have a damaged cabinet or a fit issue that requires a new cabinet or part.   Then you find out it will take another 4-6 weeks to get that part.  Ouch!

Not at Arcadia.  We stock everything we sell.  When you need a replacement part, it’s not made from scratch.  It’s available.  In-stock.  Today.  For shipment tomorrow.  Wow.

Quality that isn’t skin deep

There are two ways of making cabinets:  the right way and the cheap way.  Arcadia makes cabinets the right way, starting with specifying higher grade materials.  None of our materials are the “cheapest” or “thinnest” or the most “cost conscious”.  In every area of the cabinet, from thickness to surfaces to species to hardware we have specified materials that will last longer, simplify use, resist damage or improve performance and customer satisfaction.    That’s the right way to do it.

Global sourced to keep overhead low

Arcadia knows we live in a modern, global world, full of sophisticated supply chains.  We have tapped into this and sourced the best quality and value from around the world.  Those parts are produced and shipped in bulk to our US factory, which sizes, assembles and inspects every order.  This process keeps our acquisition and overhead costs low, and this results in big savings and big value for our customers.

Looking for the right partners

Arcadia isn’t for everybody.  We partner only with companies who will collaborate to improve our supply process and product series.  When we do this we avoid surprises….and that leads to happy customers.

Arcadia Cabinetry only uses the finest quality products and all our products and panels are Phase 2 Compliant with California Air Resource Board (CARB2)

Engineered Right

Our products are excellent from the start. They're engineered right to work right, every time.

Designed in the USA

Our cabinets are designed and assembled by skilled, hardworking Americans.

Delivered in Days

Your time is important to us. Your cabinets will be delivered to your door in days, not weeks.

Professional Coordination

Your order will be coordinated by a professional project manager. You'll always be informed.





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